I am Anand a wanderer, a traveller & an adventure junkie. By traveller I don’t mean that checking places just to show I been there. I travel for a reason which can be anything. It can be because of nature, trekking, breathtaking experiences , culture or anything that excites my imagination. I don’t want run the rat race. I want to inhale life , live it , feel it and cherish it.

I have my bucket list which i will try to tick off. I am writing my experiences under section “Destination” & i hope you guys will help me with your reviews your comments & suggestions.

Life is gift cherish it, there is lot more to life other than monetary things.Just relax a bit & have fun with your life in whatever way you want; there is nothing more calmer feeling if your heart is calm.

I am shifting my adventures under a new url  Please follow my new blog. Hoping to hear from you