India’s table mountain

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.Lohgardh is one such place where beauty becomes alive. Lohgardh was an accident trip; we started our trip for Kondana caves , we crossed Mulund, we crossed Turbhe & reached Panvel  we stopped there for some refreshment & then one voice came lets go to lonavala , i was adamant for on trekking. So we searched for some location & came up with Lohgardh trek. Lohgardh was on my list for trekking. So i was excited for the trip.IMG_5741

We started from Panvel & reached lonavala in 2 hrs. We reached base village and started our trek. Trek is very simple and once you reach the top there is whole new view from top of the mountain. once at top every step you take towards edge will take you one step closure to peace.

View from the top

From top of mountain all four sides are clearly visible from one side you can see Pavana Lake from other you can see other green landscape which are mesmerizing. The magnificent landscape can trap you for hour.

PS: Sit at the corner of mountain and enjoy the moment.


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