Sublime & Serene Tosh in Himachal

Tosh is a small town just located at 30 Km from the Kasol. Tosh is home to approx 80 to 100 families. The village is located at the foothold of the mountain. The place is famous for nature, landscapes, snowcapped mountains & waterfalls. There are hardly any vehicle in the village thus you can experience noise free environment. The serene nature and cold environment is much cherished during the summers.





Tosh is having lots of cafe & food is good. One can easily find different types of food & that to in reasonable charges. One can find good accommodation easily in the Tosh, but it is recommended to book hotel prior as there are only limited inventories & during peak season best place are booked first.Hence, it is best to book the inventories prior the arrival.

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How to reach:

From Delhi: Book a bus to Bhuntar which cost around Rs 1400 per head. From Bhuntar book a direct cab to Tosh which cost around Rs 2200 per cab (5 seater) .

Accommodation: The prices vary from Rs 300 to Rs 1500 per room depending upon the availability, accommodation is cheap.

Food: There are lots of cafe in the village, the food is of good quality. The average cost of food for two peoples will be around Rs 600.

Things to do:

*) Tosh is located in the midst of nature & one can enjoy it whole day. There are not lots of activity which can be done in Tosh.

*) Tosh is known for providing India’s best material for getting high. The place is usually flooded with so called hippys. Thus if one want to have enjoy that aspect of life as well, they can do easily in the Tosh.