Xi’an & Mt Huashan

A step to step journey to south peak of Mt hua…..On top just to see how beautiful the world is….As i already told about my bucket list. This is to inform that i finally completed one of the things in bucket list (Trek to Mt Huashan & Xi’an).

This trip was gift to me on my birthday. Somewhere i saw a man standing on small plank on edge of mountain, i searched about the place and came up with place & planned for doing it some day in my life. But somehow i wanted to do it first & so i booked my ticket without thinking it for another second ; booking ticket is one thing & getting visa was tricky showing balance of Rs 1.60 lac was the tough part but i somehow managed to bring all the things in one plate & received the visa.

31st Oct was the date i have to board my flight my first overseas tour that to alone. Lots of things to come & lots of experiences to be felt. This is small step towards my journey to self.

China is vast country & cannot be covered in few days you need atleast a month to travel this majestic country. Google, facebook doesn’t work in this part of world. But China has its own charm . I only went to one place & it surprised me to every extent i could just imagine how much this country holds.

Xi’an is one of the oldest city in china & it is very beautiful , things are clean , infrastructure is very compact & most important the peoples are very helping. I had many experiences where i felt people saved me from incidents.

My itenary was to climb to mt hua in one day & spend rest all days in city . My tour was for 4 days. People criticized that why to waste 40,000 INR just for one place, but i was adamant that rather wasting time travelling i wanted to absorb city to my level best.

How to reach:

Xian : Xian has airport hence one can find flights with ease.

Mt Hua: Mt Hua can be reached by Car from Xian or by rail. Fastest way to reach Mt Hua is by Bullet train which can be boarded from Xian bei station to huashan north station.

Places to visit:

  1. Mt Huashan: Mt Hua is famous for trekking & plank road which can be experienced while trekking south peak. Its a must do activity for adventure seeker. Total trek is more than 12 KM both ways & it is meant for the toughest of persons.
  2. Bell tower & drum tower are local delight it is easily accessible & can be covered in half day.
  3. Terracota army: Its a archaeological site & can be reached by taxi or bus. Bus can be boarded from Xian railway station. Garden is amazing with lots of color & greenery.
  4. Small wild goose pagoda: Its a ancient site for prayers of buddha. It is spread across large landscape & greenery & landscape just add flavour to place. It can be covered in half day.
  5. Big wild goose pagoda: Its a bigger version of small wild goose pagoda. Place will inform about history of Buddhism in China.It can be covered in half day
  6. City walls: City walls are square shaped & most of the city is constructed within these walls. Its a magnificent creation & very beautiful to visit.


I done my booking of hostel from booking.com  & it offered me lots of reasonable deals which helped me alot. Cost was not to high thus not heavy in pocket.I spent 125 Yuan for  5 nights stay in xian hostel.

Food & Alcohol:

Finding  vegetarian food is difficult task as most of the people eat non vegetarian. But if you can find street food you can explain you accordingly . Food is not expensive. Alcohol is easily available & that to in very reasonable rate.

I completed whole tour under 40 K INR which includes flight cost, travelling cost, living cost & also eating cost. With this tour done i am hoping for more adventure & more learning on this beautiful place called WORLD.

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