Bucket list

People travel to tick off places from their bucket list. I travel with motive. I don’t want to cover everything in world just to touch it; i would rather love to soak city. However, that is not possible in one life time . Hence, I will try to cover things high on my priorities. I will try to cover all in this lifetime. I will modify my list  as soon as i find something exciting & try to write my experiences in my blog.

  1. Trek Mount Hua in China


Plank trek
Plank trek


  1. 3 month in South East Asia ( Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines,Indonesia) doing pity job.

best-tourist-destination-in-the-philippines cambodia-06 Concerns-in-Laos-That-Burma’s-Opening-Could-Slow-Tourism-Growth indonesia volunteering-in-cambodia.1200


  1. One month in  New Zealand (bungee jumping, trekking, nature, landscape)



New-Zealand1 Queenstown-Bay.-New-Zealand-wmphotos.com_

  1. One month in Norway

 banner Lake_Bondhus_Norway_2862 Norway3-The-carefree-Traveler norway-134078

  1. Cave jumping in mexico (Yucatan cave Lake)

tumblr_m2qutgABFc1r1deyqo1_500 Ik-Kil.-Yucatan.-Mexico

  1. Swim with sharks, whale

513241-news-image-shark-20100223 whale-shark-ningaloo-reef-300x208

  1. Take care of lions & tigers

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  1. Work in National Park/Australia zoo

austzoo-feature 7753B_Giraffe_Africa-3rdBirthday_AustraliaZoo

If  you have any recommendation you can write down in comments and if i find it exciting i will surely try to do it…..&  if you have your own bucket list then well in good …i would love to hear from you.