Travelling to India

India is one of the vast countries in the world; its 7 largest country area wise. India is not only vast area wise but also in culture & diversity. Here language changes every 100 Km, food changes every 100 Km, culture change every 100 Km. Thus, one can judge how vast is India.

India got deserts of Rajashtan, Jungle of North East India, Himalayas in north & sea in south. You can have complete package if you coming to India.

Its lots been said about solo travelling in India whether it is safe or not especially for women & I am Indian and i have to confess it’s not safe for women in some part of India. There have been instances when women faced difficulty in roaming around India; but it’s not that its only dangerous, India can surprise you more than you can think of in better way.

Following are the reason one should visit India once in life time

  1. Culture: Culture of India is one of the most talked point among travellers , festivals of India are celebrated with high energy level & enthusiasm. To experience culture you need to stay with local family for a day or two, you can absorb millions of things about India’s culture which cannot be felt by seeing you have to experience it to make it special.Every state has its own culture & way of doing things & you will be surprised how it changes in different regions.
  2. Festivals: festivals are one of the times when people unite for some celebration it. India celebrate to Holi ( a color festivals), Eid, Diwali , Christmas, & each celebration has its flavour to enjoy . Festivals celebration changes region wise suppose u wanna experience holi, best place to visit it is Mathura, If you want to see durga puja best place to see is Kolkata & so on. Celebration is astonishing when experienced in region which is known for that.
  3. Landscape: It’s often said that Europe has most beautiful landscapes. But i feel India is in competition with Europe in different sense , here you have Himalayas, Kashmir , Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Goa , Kerala  etc and they are breath taking.
  4. Uniqueness: It’s a unique place some are highly advanced places & somewhere it is not developed at all.You can have a unique experience while travelling in India.
  5. People: It’s unpredictable place to travel but one thing is sure people are nice, they will have help you once needed, they will adjust to any limit. But again it may vary there are always good & bad. I felt that most of the people in India are nice they are helpful & supportive.

I can go on and write thousands of things about India but it will be unfair if you just read it without experience it. I want to you to feel the vibe of India the craziness among people, the world among the world; rest I leave up to you to imagine & come & visit this nation.

If you have any queries about thing to do or any help required just ping me i will be happy to help you .


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