Things to keep in mind while travelling to India

India is country that is in mind of every traveller just because of versality, culture , people, diversity its gives to the traveller. You can’t cover whole of india in few days; you require atleast 6 month to cover whole of india.  It is mesmerizing & breath taking adventure to travel in India either solo or in group.

But if you are travelling you should keep few things in mind.

Be CAREFUL: You can’t expect anything from times if will give you once in a lifetime a path changing & life defining moments. But at the same time it can live you in mess because of crimes & safety issue. People should be careful all the time while travelling in India. There are places where crime is high like north India, also there are places which are calm like south India. So, keep all your senses active while travelling to India.

Make reservation: If you are travelling by train you got to have prior reservation that to before 2 or 3 months because usually its very crowded to tourist places & people mostly travel by train so better to get reservation done prior only. For hotels you can find while reaching that place to get a better deal & In India you can negotiate on anything so try that without feeling ashamed.

Background check: Before buying anything get to know about the rates from few local people as seeing a tourist, prices rise exponentially  so before buying do get the rough idea of prices.

Love for place:  Places in India mesmerize you with its culture & people. Jaipur, varanasi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Rajasthan all have different story to tell. But make sure you chose time when you wanna travel to all these places. Usually its soaring hot in summers in India. Do check the weather before planning your itenary.Do spend few days in every city you wanna go to have a feel of the same. To have city feel you  will require atleast few days to enjoy it properly.