Once Tourist Love Kasol

Kasol is a place for hippies. Considered as a one of the best destination for the purest materials . This place is in the list of every person looking to get high. The place is much commercialized now days. The place is continuously crowded with tourist & it is difficult to find a calm place to sit & relax. The best part of kasol is the place to sit near Parbati River & enjoy the place.

The place is small & one can find most of the cafes & outlets in the market place which is whole of a kasol.

Natures Gift 

How to reach:

From Delhi: Take a bus to Bhuntar (Cost starts from Rs 1400 per head) , once in Bhuntar you can either take a state bus or a cab. We took cab which costs around  Rs 900 till Kasol.

Accommodation: The place is very affordable. However, it is recommended to book the place before reaching the spot as finding the inventory of liking is difficult in Kasol.

Food: The cost of food is average &  couple can have food for Rs 600. Finding variety of food will be a tough task.  However, the taste of food is good.

Bank of Parbati River

Things to do:

*) Enjoy the serene beauty of Parbati River.

*) If you have enough time, you can visit chalal.

*) Manikaran is 10 to 15 min from Kasol


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