Hi, i am Anand, i am a simple middle-class boy with a dream to roam around the world. I am not rich so I have to way my work to get what I want. I am a civil engineer by profession and still looking out for things that will make me satisfy.

I am starting this blog for budget travellers across India. The ways through which you can save few bucks and learn about unexplored territory in India and abroad also; if I get my financials altogether.I want to inspire people to see the world. This blog is not for riches, not for poorer, not for people who want to live in comfort, this blog is for a dreamer, who knows the life they are living is a huge miracle, every time they meet new people, new places they visit, they come to know how beautiful this world.

I am here to inspire you to live your dream as once a great man said: “CHASE YOUR DREAM, DREAMS DO COME TRUE”. I by starting this blog is starting to chase my dream.

You want to enquire anything about India or anything in life. I would love to share you my experience with whatever help I can
Hope to hear from you guys



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